Phase-By-Phase Checklist

Email or upload your BattleScribe List and easily turn it into a Phase-by-Phase Checklist. Use this Checklist to remember special Rules and Abilities across your entire force.

Deployment Map

Arrange your units on a Deployment Map to get an idea of how you should deploy your forces. Enabling you to maximise weapon ranges and aura effects.

Easily Import

Importing a list is as simple as emailing it to - then just wait. We will even create an account for you if you do not have one yet. Simple!

Free & Pro Features

Processing lists is CPU intensive, while servers can be cheap they're not free. We will offer paid features, such as 'skip the queue' and Dropbox integration.


How It Works

Add Your List

Upload your list on this web site your email it to . If you have not registered do not worry, this will happen automatically when you email us your list.

Got a list, do it now and you will be up and running in now time!

Wait A Little

We will then process your list and email you when its completed. This usually takes less than 5 minutes. Although this could be significantly longer if the site is popular.

Paid packages for 40K Companion will allow you to 'skip the queue' however.

List Processing Completed

Your list is now processed and available for you to use. Add reminders for specific rules and phases. Use the deployment map to maximise your list's aura effects and weapon ranges.


Go play a game of Warhammer 40K armed with your newly created Checklist and optimised Deployment Map.

Good Luck, Commander!

Do it all again

Come back and do it all again with another. Finally, please do send us some Feedback!

We want to hear about any bugs, issues, ideas, suggestions and your successes of course!


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